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Top new features in Infor Smart Office 10.2.0

August 26, 2014

By Keith Knuth

Infor Smart Office 10.2.0 was made generally available on 8/22/2014 for Infor Lawson users to download.  This is a large release with numerous bug fixes and new features.  This blog post is a high level summary of the top features in Infor Smart Office 10.2.0 for Infor Lawson users.  For more information see the Release Notes on Infor Xtreme.

General Enhancements

  • When enter search text in a list filter field, it is no longer required that that text be entered before entering a filter token.
  • Share menu item added to the Tools menu of List Driven and Standard Forms, Drill Around and Drill Select.
  • Menu accelerators have been added to all menus not previously enhanced.
  • Where condition lists are shown, such as in the Info Browser, a descriptive tooltip has been added.
  • A new Role setting is added: “Allow Link Manager access” which defaults to True.
  • A new Tools menu item has been added to standard forms and list views to open the user’s Microsoft Outlook calendar.
  • The Related Information visualizers on standard forms and list views can now display multiple Infor Document Management documents and provide a button to add new documents to Infor Document Management.
  • “Friendly” database table names, when defined by applications, are now displayed in lists.
  • For list driven forms and Info Browser conditional style hyperlinks, an option to launch in an external browser is now available.
  • Non-editable numeric values containing decimal values are now formatted with thousands separators.
  • A Role setting is added to indicate whether members have the ability to set auto refresh in the Info Browser. The default value is false or no.
  • A new lock screen appears to lock the entire canvas after a specified timeout period or when the user manually logs out.
  • A toolbar icon provides the ability to post links in the Infor Ming.le feed.
  • Infor Ming.le Notifications for the current user are displayed.
  • Users can work with Posts, Alerts, and Tasks from Infor Ming.le directly in Infor Smart Office.
  • New “My Feed” widget displays the activity feed.
  • New “Alerts” widget displays a list of alerts for the current user.
  • New “Tasks” widget displays the list of tasks for the current user.
  • Drillback links to Infor Lawson forms are supported in the Infor Ming.le feed.


  • The way Infor Smart Office users collaborate with each other has changed dramatically.
  • A new Communicator widget has been developed to allow more feature rich instant messaging between users.
  • Users can now share screens when communicating to better collaborate on problems and questions.
  • You can now share files between users with communicating.
  • A new graphics editing application is included to mark up screenshots and other files before sharing them with others.

New Widgets

  • Image Widget allows users to create a slideshow on the Infor Smart Office Canvas.  You can also share the images with others.
  • Custom Menu Widget allows users to create their own menus with lists and checkboxes.
  • Log Viewer Widget allows users to view log entries in real time.
  • Navigator Widget has been updated to allow custom ordering of Favorites.

Standard Forms

  • The context menu for print file links in a batch token toolbox, has been expanded to provide all of the same PDF options that are available in the Infor Smart Office Report Viewer Tools menu.
  • The Attachments maintenance window is now re-sizeable.
  • A Default View menu item is added to the Personalizations menu for users whose Personalization Level is Central and Allow Select Views is set in the Role.
  • A Contact control is added to forms when a ‘person’ field is identified.


  • It’s now possible to run a script not associated to a form: sforms://_runscript/?name=scriptname.js.
  • Optional string parameters can now be passed to the ScriptActionSucceeded and ScriptActionFailed methods.
  • Names can now be applied to custom menu items added with either AddHelpMenuItem or AddRelatedMenuItem methods.
  • The ControlsUtil.AddWebBrowser will now store both the host control and web browser control as custom elements.
  • An Edit menu has been added to the Script Tool that includes a Find and Replace dialog.
  • The ScriptUtil.OpenForm method has a new optional parameter to force override of the requested form’s ‘allow form transfer’ setting if necessary to enable its launch.

Jobs & Reports

  • Job lists now have the personalization option, Select Criteria.
  • A Submit button has been add to the Job Wizard summary panel.
  • The Print Manager “View as PDF” menu has been expanded to provide all of the same PDF optionsthat are available in the Infor Smart Office Report Viewer Tools menu.
  • A PDF View Options drop down has been added to the Report Viewer.

Info Browser

  • A setting is added to allow auto refresh of the Info Browser display.  The setting is available only to those users whose Role allows it.
  • Changed font color of list items for readability.
  • Added custom sort option to list context menu.
  • Numeric columns can be totaled similar to List Driven forms.

Thank you to all the customers who submitted enhancement requests. You have helped us create the most full featured beautiful business application on the planet!  We couldn’t have done it without feedback from users like you.


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