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Infor Smart Office Upgrade tips to get you from 10.0.5.x to 10.1

June 19, 2014

There are quite a few customers installing 10.1.x and migrating their data from 10.0.5.x. It is important to note that this is still a migration of data and not an upgrade path. There is a new stand-alone tool (Mango Admin Tool) that will help you with the export and import of data.




Here are some important notes to consider.  Thank you Karin Portillo (Smart Office Principal Architect) for assembling this information:

  • You can only have one Smart Office installation per grid. (It does not matter if the name has changed to MangoServer)
  • If you want to use the same grid you need to: upgrade to, export the data, move the zip or download it, then uninstall and install 10.1.x (at least 10.1.1).
  • Separate .lawsonapplications need to be installed on 10.1.1 before importing the data, but the configuration will be imported. Installed features will not be migrated but installed Mashups will be included in the that you exported.
  • For Lawson DSSO you should NOT configure Smart Office to use the DSSO Router. You should use the Default Router with the DSSO session provider.
  • You can run 10.1.x on MS SQL server instead of the built in H2 database.
  • You can use the Mango Admin tool to export and import data in the same version, cloning your production setup to test for example.
  • Even if the Life Cycle Manager says the upgrade was a success you need to check the server log in the grid for MangoServer (LSO).
Here are some sample preparation steps:
  • Write down all features you have installed (or screenshot from Installation point Manager)
  • .lawsonapplication files (LPA / IPA, LBI, Search) will need to be re-installed in 10.2.
  • Upgrade to then
    • Same grid version as 10.0.4 so grid does not need to be upgraded before applying 10.0.5
    • Download the 10.1 package and get the Mango Admin tool from the zip
    • Run the export of all data from the database
      • Copy the to a new location
      • Optional: Copy the h2 database to a backup location as well as the LSO files folder

Milestone Check: You are now on  and have completed the export of data.  You also have a backup of that data. You now have two options:

1. Use the same grid – you need to uninstall everything
2. Use the new grid – you can then have 10.0.5 and 10.1 in parallel

* Note that for client (desktop) installs 10.1 is on .Net 4.5 (x86) so it is a new client installation. There will be no automatic update of the client.

  • Assuming you would like to use the same Grid, Smart Office 10.1 is a new installation so there is no upgrade
    • Uninstall all installed .lawsonapplications, Features, and mashups
    • Uninstall Smart Office
  • Upgrade the Grid to 10.1.11
    • Upgrade GDBC to 2.0.7 (or at least 2.0.3)
  • Now you have a clean grid ready for installing 10.1 or 10.2 directly
  • Import the data in the Mango Admin tool AFTER installing all mashups and extra features like LBI/Search/Mashup designer ( .lawsonapp) in the new Smart Office server


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