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Follow-Up on “Ask the Expert: Infor Process Automation”

May 16, 2014

By Keith Knuth

Thank you all for attending our “Ask the Expert” session today.  We had well over a 100 participants so the presentation was fast and interactive. There were some general themes to the questions so I thought I would share some answers with our blog followers in case you weren’t in the session:

Where is documentation on the upgrade from ProcessFlow to Infor Process Automation?

Start with the following two guides:

  • Infor Lawson System Foundation Using Infor Process Automation Configuration Guide
  • Infor Process Automation Administration Guide

Then contact your Account Executive for more information on the upgrade and available professional services.

How do I increase performance, manage memory, etc. in Infor Process Automation?

  • Review the following blog article.
  • Read the guide Infor Landmark Technology Server Setup and Maintenance (Grid Administration)

How do I learn tips and tricks of the Infor Process Designer?

  • Review the Infor Process Automation Video Help in your online Infor Infocenter
  • Review posts in this very blog.(scroll to IPA section)
  • Enroll in Infor provided classes
  • Comment on our blog with other articles and video topics you want to see presented

There were many other questions and answers to numerous to list here, but many were related to those three areas.

Want to participate in more “Ask the Expert” sessions? Respond in the comments of this blog post with products you want to see highlighted in the future.


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