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Webinar: Four Ways to Evaluate Whether Cloud Deployment is For You

April 29, 2014


Date: Tuesday, May 13, 2014 Time: 11:00AM ET

How and when should you explore cloud delivery of ERP and other enterprise solutions? What criteria should you use?

Join us for this webinar and you’ll hear from Brian Rose, Senior Vice President of Infor Labs, former CIO and 30-year industry thought leader. Rose will outline the four things manufacturers must consider when evaluating whether cloud deployment is for them and which particular cloud suites best meet their business needs.

Rose will provide a big-picture view of how cloud delivery affects operations, financials and IT:


  • Hear how the model affects costs from three angles that together contribute to Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): launch, operational, and long-term infrastructure costs.


  • Learn how cloud delivery increases visibility required for global operations, and hear the steps involved in adding new sites, partners, suppliers and customers to your enterprise.

Time to value

  • Review how the cloud launch process differs from on-premise launches, and how that speeds the time it takes for you to begin experiencing the value of a new solution set.

Security and reliability

  • Understand how the processes used by cloud providers drive an environment that is often more secure and reliable than what manufacturers can afford on their own.

Attendees will walk away understanding the criteria to use when considering a move to cloud delivery.


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