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Easier data management with Infor Spreadsheet Designer

April 21, 2014

By Tim Kerian

If you’ve ever needed to update a large amount of information onto existing records – you may have been heard saying something like “There’s got to be an easier way!” Rather than spending your day manually typing in values and saving them, take a look at Infor Spreadsheet Designer.

This product is an Excel Add-In that can give you direct access to Landmark data, allowing you to seamlessly select and extract a large number of records into Excel and allow you to use Excel spreadsheet tools to update the information you need onto those records.

Is changing the data outside the application dangerous? Not with Infor Spreadsheet Designer. You’ll use your login to get the data, you’ll only have access to the data your able to see, and can only execute updates your user ID is allowed to perform. Once you’ve updated the records that you’ve extracted, this tool allows you to re-load those records into Landmark. The application edits will then be performed to insure all changes you’ve made are allowed – just as if the changes were being performed within the application. You’ll even be able to see the error messages the application would provide if any of those changes are not allowed.

The following video will show you a step by step example of extracting, modifying and uploading records from a Landmark database file using Infor Spreadsheet Designer.


5 responses to “Easier data management with Infor Spreadsheet Designer”

  1. abraham says:

    How long does an average spreadsheet take to design

  2. Don Peterson says:

    The more you do the quicker you get, of course. 🙂

    Basically what I tell people to do is to go to the screen where you want to upload data. Then using the Query part of Spreadsheet Designer, select the key fields, you can guess at those based on what it takes to do an inquire. Then the other fields you need.

    Run that query to get the column headings. This way, you don’t need to worry about mis-typing the field names as the upload portion of Spreadsheet Designer will automatically map the columns if the field names match exactly.

    Running the query also gets you sample data if you are building a create upload.

    Then open the Upload portion of Spreadsheet Designer, select your business class and action, and the columns will map if the field names match.

    Enter your data and click to upload that worksheet. Just do a couple of rows first, of course, to test it. If you are missing something or have something the business class doesn’t like, you will get a message highlighted in red with the error and the cell that it thinks is causing the problem will be highlighted in yellow.

    Fix the errors and you are ready to go. I’ve built quite a few uploads for Spreadsheet Designer and usually have one working within a half hour.

  3. Donald Quinty says:

    Can designer be offered in query mode only? Either gray out or completely remove the option to run in update mode?

  4. Rebecca Joya says:

    What business class is best to use for a mass Accounts Payable invoice entry upload? I need one for multiple distribution lines to be included.

  5. What formula do you use to copy data from one spreadsheet to the next using infor spreadsheet designer?

    Or copying data from one column to the next?

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