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Infor Lawson Information Investigator and Proactive Support

April 7, 2014

By Bruce Reed, Principal Software Engineer


Infor is hard at work on development projects to lower the Infor Lawson applications and Infor Lawson Technology’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), including the use of Infor Support Assistant (ISA) and Proactive Support. One of the tools to help reduce your Infor Lawson TCO and utilize ISA Proactive Support is the Infor Lawson Information Investigator (LII).

The Infor Lawson Information Investigator is a tool used to collect hardware and software information from servers, including information on Infor Lawson product installations.

How to Get It

Infor Lawson Information Investigator does not require additional license fees or licensing. It is available to all Infor Lawson System Foundation (LSF) or Infor Landmark Technology Runtime customers on active maintenance. To download the Infor Lawson Information Investigator tool, go to the Xtreme website and select Downloads → Products → Technology → Lawson System Foundation, and look for the Infor Lawson Information Investigator download or you can search for ‘Investigator’. Additional information can be found in Xtreme articles KB 1408008 and KB 1391898.

The LII is supported by the Infor Lawson Technology Support Team.

About the Infor Lawson Information Investigator

The Infor Lawson Information Investigator (LII) will execute a variety of query commands to collect information about a server and the products installed on the server. The LII supports Windows, UNIX, Linux, and IBM-i operating systems, and it operates with the Infor Lawson version 9 and Infor Lawson version 10 releases.

The LII collects and stores data regarding installation location, release/version, and other associated information for products installed on the specified server. This data is stored directly on the server, and you also have the ability to identify a ‘central’ server to store information for all individual servers and create a consolidated view of the information for one or all servers.

The LII stores this data as two sets of XML content. One is a comprehensive and detailed collection of installation and configuration information; the other is a subset of that data prepared for submitting to Infor Support Assistant to be used by Proactive Support.

The user interface utilizes the detailed data collections and renders server information in an organized format. It has several methods available to collect and refresh server information, view log files, and generate a package of the information. The LII will give you comprehensive and reliable information about your server and Infor Lawson products, which can assist you with your day to day operations and can speed up the resolution of Infor incident tickets by providing the Support Consultants with current and accurate information regarding your products and version details.

Infor Lawson Information Investigator and Proactive Support

As indicated above, the LII generates XML data that can be submitted to Infor Support Assistant. This data includes SupportEnvironment (server-level) and SupportProduct (technology and application-level) XML Business Object Document (BOD) files. The Infor Support Assistant (ISA) can be used to view this information, and to provide Proactive Support based on the products installed, patches installed, and patches available.

Proactive Support Phase 1 includes enabling ISA to:

  • Use Infor Lawson Information Investigator to collect hardware and software information from your servers.
  • Store your environment and version information in Infor Xtreme for easy access by Support when working incidents.
  • Provide faster resolution of incidents since manually gathering basic system and product information is eliminated.
  • Compare installed patches against available fixes, showing Missing Patches.


Future Proactive Support phase(s) will include:

  • The ability to email you critical notifications that affect specific versions of Infor software.
  • Show critical patches that are missing in your specific environment.


To utilize Proactive Support:

  • Perform a collection in the LII
  • From the User Interface, identify the server-level Support Environment BOD or product-level Support Product BOD
  • Download the selected BOD(s)
  • Email the BOD(s) to Support, or attach to a new or existing Support Incident
  • Allow time for the BOD to be processed by ISA
  • To use ISA to view the uploaded information, log into Xtreme and select Environments
  • To use Proactive Support to see Missing Patches, log into Xtreme and select Action Items


More About the Infor Lawson Information Investigator

A summary of the information the Infor Lawson Information Investigator (LII) collects includes:

Server information overview

  • Operating System
  • Memory
  • Disk Usage
  • Name and IP Address

Third Party Product information

  • Web Server
  • Database
  • Java
  • Perl
  • LDAP

Infor Lawson Runtime Platforms and Applications

  • Infor Lawson System Foundation
  • Productlines
  • Self-Service Centers
  • Infor Landmark Technology Runtime


  • Infor Lawson Business Intelligence products
  • Framework Services
  • Reporting Services
  • Infor Lawson Smart Reports


Some example pages from LII and ISA:

ILII_1Figure 1: LII Menu

ILII_2Figure 2: Machine Information

ILII_3Figure 3: Infor Lawson Runtime Platforms

ILII_4Figure 4: Graphical Display of Solutions

ILII_5Figure 5: ISA Proactive Support, Missing Patches


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