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Tell me again, what’s Infor Ming.le™?

January 20, 2014

By Scott LaBute

When Product Managers like me are out speaking with customers we are often surprised with questions like:

  1. What is Infor Ming.le™?
  2. Do I have to pay for Infor Ming.le™?
  3. How does Infor Ming.le™ impact my Infor Lawson applications?
  4. Do I have to use it or can I continue using the Infor Lawson Portal without it?
  5. Does Infor Ming.le™ replace Infor Smart Office?

Many Infor Lawson customers were exposed for the first time to this game changing technology at  Inforum 2013 but it can be challenging to understand how it’s going to impact your own Infor Lawson applications.  With the release of Infor Ming.le™, Infor Lawson applications began a transition towards both a new look and a new architecture.  Let’s start with the new look and feel.

As part of the Infor strategic direction of Beauty as Competence, there is a focus on making Infor applications natural, personal and pleasing.  We want them to push past just functional and deliver a more pleasurable user experience.  They should deliver exactly what the end user needs and the right information when they need it.  Complex tasks need to be broken up into simpler steps to accelerate processes for the end user.   To help accomplish these goals, the Infor Hook and Loop design team developed a set of guidelines to help our development teams deliver on this strategy.  So while the most obvious impact to the end user is the new User Interface (UI) layout and color scheme, there is a lot more to it!


Infor Ming.le™ is part of Infor’s ongoing commitment to redefining Infor Lawson software as you know it. You get the most innovative social collaboration technologies translated into a business environment and fully integrated across Infor Lawson business processes, rather than just added on. With Infor Ming.le™, users get a powerful assortment of advanced tools all designed to accelerate business processes.

Infor Ming.le™ is being delivered as two distinct applications.  As part of the May 2013 Infor Ming.le™ release there was a rebranding with Infor Workspace becoming Infor Ming.le™ Foundation.  The base Infor Ming.le™ Foundation interface not only includes a restyled UI but also supports contextual applications which deliver on our commitment to provide the right information at the right time.  There are numerous contextual applications shipped with the Infor Ming.leTM Foundation interface including maps, currency converter, measure converter, and a contextual application specifically for displaying In-Context BI. Infor Lawson for Ming.le also provides additional contextual applications like a Requisition to Payment app and Print Manager app.

However, the highlight of the May 31st 2013 release and the introduction at Inforum 2013 one month earlier was Infor Ming.le™ Enterprise. Infor Ming.le™ Enterprise includes social technologies designed to enhance and accelerate business processes including:

  • Tasks and alerts: Infor’s technology transmits transactional information in real time, so you can keep up with the progress of important activities. You can filter, view, and monitor information to keep tabs on the items that matter most. Infor Ming.le™ Enterprise also includes a workflow interface that can push approvals, whether it’s for purchase orders or budget requests along with alerts to the appropriate people when problems arise.
  • Ability to collaborate around business processes, and take actions on tasks and alerts from a new Infor Ming.le™ Enterprise home page. 
  • Social objects: Drawing on a concept from the social media world, Infor Ming.le™ Enterprise lets you “follow” particular social objects (like a requisition or purchase order) and people, delivering automatic notices based on parameters that you define. For example, if you’re a sales rep, you can be automatically notified of all activity related to a top customer, receiving updates when orders are received, invoices are paid, and more.
  • Drill back: Analytics and reports in Infor Ming.le™ feature full drill back capabilities so you can see the information supporting the data on your screen. If overtime expense suddenly spikes, for example, you can immediately drill down and see which projects, processes or programs changed the most to contribute to the increase. You’ll be able to zero in on issues that matter and keep your operations under control more easily.
  • Contextual intelligence: Both Infor Ming.le™ Foundation and Infor Ming.leTM Enterprise support  real-time information from Infor Lawson Financials, Supply Chain Management, Human Capital Management as well as any other transactional information, for example Infor Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), on a single screen.

While there is no license cost for Infor Ming.le™ Foundation as it’s the primary interface for Infor Lawson applications, Infor Ming.le™ Enterprise is a separately purchased and licensed add-on component.


Microsoft SharePoint is required and serves as the framework for Infor Ming.le™ which is a web application framework that provides a common user interface with Single Sign-On for integrated Infor applications. So Infor Ming.le™ resides within the Microsoft SharePoint framework. All of the integrated Infor applications in Infor Ming.le™ use Microsoft SharePoint functionality, navigational elements, and connectivity to social media outlets. The Infor Ming.le™ interface includes four visual components:

  1. A header with menu options and icons that activate the display of Infor applications in the area below the header.
  2. A component called the Infor Application area where Infor Lawson applications are displayed.  The Infor Application Container basically is a frame which allows for the display of Infor Applications including Infor Lawson.
  3. To the right of the application area is a collapsible panel, which hosts a series of contextual applications that include amongst others:  Requisition to Payment, Print Manager, Maps, Language Translator, Currency Converter, Documentation and Help, and Shortcuts.  Additionally, Infor Ming.le™, along with Microsoft SharePoint and .NET technologies, provides an infrastructure for sharing content among the different web parts.


So with the release of Infor Lawson in November 2013 and Infor Process Automation functionality in December 2013, the Infor Lawson applications now support the game changing social technologies that customers first saw last April at Inforum 2013.

Infor continues to move forward with new functionality for Infor Ming.le™ and there will be new content in early 2014 that the Infor Lawson team will look to incorporate in its future releases.

So now that you know what it is, the benefits and the technology, let’s go back to those initial questions:

  1. What is Infor Ming.le™?
  2. Do I have to pay for Infor Ming.le™?
  3. How does Infor Ming.le™ impact my Infor Lawson applications?
  4. Do I have to use it or can I continue using Infor Portal without it?
  5. Does Infor Ming.le™ replace Infor Smart Office?

Hopefully I have already answered the first three questions.  The impact is that all Infor Lawson releases beginning with Infor Lawson version 10 use this architecture. In terms of operating Infor Lawson applications outside of the Infor Ming.le™ container, while it may be technically feasible, it is not a supported configuration. Infor Lawson Self Service applications, however, do not require Infor Ming.le™. Infor Smart Office is still a great user interface for power users and those looking to leverage the power of a desktop client. It will continue to grow in features, including more Infor Ming.le™ features embedded within it.

For more information about Infor Ming.le™ for Infor Lawson, contact your Account Executive or contact us here.

Even more:

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4 responses to “Tell me again, what’s Infor Ming.le™?”

  1. Chris Andrle says:

    What about the Landmark Rich Client? How is that impacted by Mingl.e?

  2. Tom Passe says:

    The Landmark Rich Client can be run in Mingl.e as a java applet. Technically the Rich Client is a java swing client and can be encapsulated into a java applet that can is run a java enabled browser, this enables running in Ming.le.

  3. Arthur del Rosario says:

    Aside from the advantage you have mentioned above, what are the other inherent advantages of Smart Office over Ming.le? We now have Ming.le, and I am trying to evaluate the value of procuring Smart Office. Thank you.

  4. Keith Knuth says:

    That would be a good topic for a whole separate blog post! The question is really not Infor Smart Office “or” Ming.le, but instead “and”. They are not mutually exclusive. The personalization tool, custom mashups, and advanced communication tools of Infor Smart Office often make it a good fit for power users of Infor Lawson apps. However, their may be other users in your organization that only want a browser based app and really wouldn’t benefit from the features of Infor Smart Office.

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