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Infor Smart Office 10.1.1 Released

June 21, 2013

This week Infor Smart Office 10.1.1 was released.  This is a minor release but has many bug fixes and some great new features you should be aware of.  Here is a summary of features for Lawson customers:

  • Web Browser Widget – A new Web Browser Widget has been added to the Widget Library. This  function enables web pages or files to be displayed as a widget on the canvas.
  • Mashup Widget – Description A new Mashup Widget has been added to the Widget Library. This function can display a Mashup designed specifically for use as a widget on the canvas.
  • The following are new mashup controls:
    • MessageBoxControl: shows message boxes of different types. In addition to just showing messages, the results from Yes/No and OK/Cancel dialogs can be used to trigger different events depending on what the user selected in the dialog.
    • ApplicationMessageControl: can be used to send and receive messages to/from other Mashups, scripts, or SDK features. Messages can be sent to a single recipient or broadcasted to many recipients. An example scenario is a Mashup that sends messages to another Mashup running in the new Mashup Widget, that shows some related or contextual information when the selection changes in the first Mashup.
  • Changes to Profile Editor – New buttons are available in the Profile Editor, which will allow users to manually delete and add profile groups, application entries, and properties. The add/remove buttons are available only when the Profile Editor is in Advanced view. This new functionality will allow users to manually add new settings for Mashups directly in the profile.
  • Changes to Mashup File Administration Tool – The Mashup File Administration Tool contains new buttons for exporting, deleting, and updating files. It is now possible to upload a mashup component directly in the Mashup File Administration tool. This is an alternative to deploying mashups using LifeCycle Manager, if the mashup does not contain a profile section. When deploying mashups via the tool, user must manually add profile values, if the mashup defines profile values. The recommended way is still to use LifeCycle Manager for deploy. If you want to use the tool, you need to select Enable Mashup Deploy in the Mango Core settings.
  • Category File Administration Tool – A new Category File Administration tool has been added to Administration tools. Due to the migration of server files to the database, the profile.xml and other system files are now stored in this tool. The tool contains files in different data categories. By design, most of the files can be connected to roles.
  • Changes to My Local Applications  – ( from Show menu on the canvas) Description The My Local Applications window has been updated with a new Mashup tab, which will give users an overview of all installed mashups. This new feature is especially helpful to those who create/develop mashups. From the Mashup tab, there are two ways to launch a mashup: either double-click a listed mashup, or right-click and select Open.
  • Support for authentication using the user@domain format – Previous versions of Smart Office make use of the format domain\user, which results in failed authentication in some systems. Now, Smart Office will use the format entered by the end user. As a result of this new support, authenticating with user@domain will fail if the backend requires the domain\user format, even if it used to work in 10.0.5 (and all previous versions).
  • New browse functionality in the Personalization Create Scripts window – When connecting a script to a form, user will now be able to browse the scripts that have been published to server via the browse button. To see the new browse button, go to Tools > Personalization > Script. On the Create Script window, user can either enter the script on the field or click the browse button to select a script. The list of elements has also been removed from the Create Scripts window, which means the target element of the connection will always default to a form.
  • “Open in New Window” option can now be used to inquire in fields with define token – When a user right-clicks a field with a define token, the user can now choose the “Open in New Window” option as a way to inquire on existing data. A new window will open the define token and inquire on the field’s value. The option is enabled when the field contains a value and the form has a current record.
  • Defaults button added in Role Manager window – To see the new button, go to Navigator > Lawson Transactions > Lawson Administration > Role Manager. The Defaults button allows the default role (default.xml) to be maintained.
  • Filter tokens added in context menu of Drill Select filter fields – Users can now enhance their search criteria in Drill Select windows by using filter tokens. To enable the filter tokens, you must first type a search value in the filter field. Right-click on the field > Filter tokens, and choose from the list of operators. After selecting a filter token, the token will be pasted in the search field. When you press Enter, the filter will perform a search based on the criteria created by the user.
  • Changes to Search application – The UI continues to be refined and facet support is improved.
  • New scripting methods 
    • ControlsUtil static method:
      • AddCustomDatePicker:Adds a custom date picker to the form
    • IForm events:
      • BeforeCustomDrillSelect: Occurs when a select window is about to
        open for a custom text box
      • AfterCustomDrillSelect: Occurs when a select window has closed
        following a selection for a custom text box
    • IForm method:
      • MoveElement: If a value other than -1 is supplied for ColumnSpan,
        the element will be resized rather than truncated.
  • General enhancements – following enhancements are available for Lawson Applications:
    • The Lawson shared Microsoft Office integration utilities now support non-US locales
    • The File Transfer Wizard and associated mashup control now support encryption with SSL or TLS
    • The F10 can now be used when making hotkey assignments
    • BrowserTabs and Related Information visualizers
  • Mashup General enhancements – The following enhancements are available in Mashup Designer:
    • FTPPanel password is now masked and requires minimal encryption
      when storing and retrieving the text from the XAML
    • Web browser and net browser controls now have a zoom level setting

Look for future blog posts highlighting these new features!


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