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How to build In-Context Reports: Part 1

June 17, 2013

By Keith Knuth

Contextual Application is a new term to many customers moving to version 10 of Infor technology.  You will hear this term used anytime the record displayed on your screen is driving related information to be displayed in another part of the application.  The related information is described as being contextual, or having context with the data you are working with.  Why do this?  The hope is that by displaying relevant helpful information to the user based on the business process and data they are already working with that the application can make the user more knowledgeable, efficient, and drive them to make better decisions.

Beginning with Infor Ming.letm 11 and Infor Smart Office 10.1, these browser and rich client user interfaces both have the capability to display contextual business intelligence to the user.  The business intelligence reports themselves are created with Infor Application Studio. Infor Ming.letm and Infor Smart Office can then take these reports and display them with information that is relevant to the record you are working with.

In this three part series we will show you how to build and display these in-context reports.


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