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Reduce clicks with Infor Smart Office Startpads

June 3, 2013

By Keith Knuth

Starting with the 10.0.5 release of Infor Smart Office a new feature became available to download called Startpads.  Startpads are groups of shortcuts to frequently-used applications.  The intent is to reduce the number of clicks it takes to get to your common tools.

Infor Smart Office already provided tools like canvas shortcuts, a customizable newsfeed widget, and favorites to get to your applications quickly.  However, startpads provide a new twist because they allow the end user to create their own, organize how the icon links into logical groups, and also allow the administrator to push new startpads out to specific users or roles.

To get started download and install the Startpad feature file from the Infor Smart Office download page on Infor Xtreme.  There is a short installation guide available with detailed instructions.

Next, access the Startpad Manager from the Startpad menu in the Navigator.


Select File>New startpad, then give it a name and description.

You can then add your first shortcut to the startpad. Just select an icon for the shortcut (you can upload your own as well), give it a name, target, and what group it should belong to.  The form lets you create an shortcut group on the fly if needed.


This is where it is good to know common Uri syntax.  For example,

  • sforms://HR11.1
  • admin://profileeditor
  • internal://log
  • mashups://
  • c:/windows/notepad.exe

Most applications running in Infor Smart Office give you a way to copy their URI, or you can always view the log file to find the URI you need too, so no need to memorize these.

You can keep adding shortcuts and groups until your startpad is complete. Click Save on the Startpad Manager’s dialog and the startpad will be saved to your private startpad library in the Navigator.


If you want to share this startpad with other users you have a couple options. From the Startpad Manager you can click File>Export.  This will save the startpad to a .zip file that you can email/share with anyone you would like.  They install by choosing File>Import from the Start Manager menu.

If you are an Infor Smart Office administrator you can also push the startpad out to all users (public), a specific user (you will need to know their username) or select from a list of roles. Just click the “New…” button, select the .zip file you exported, then choose the Access level. If you are assigning to a role, then you will need to select that roll and “Add >”.


It’s that easy to build and deploy easy to use, customized menus for you or your users in Infor Smart Office.

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5 responses to “Reduce clicks with Infor Smart Office Startpads”

  1. Casey S says:

    1) How can I upload my own icons. I see that you mention it in your blog.
    2) My startpad does not have the option of “Add a New Icon” in the upper right corner as yours does. I am running this on 10.0.5, is this something version related?

  2. Keith Knuth says:

    You are right! The new icons shown in the screenshot, and the ability to add your own icons are new to release 10.1.0.

  3. Jeremy says:

    This is great! I too would like to know how to upload images. So, I’m on LSO 10.0.5 but I have to be on 10.1.0 to upload my own images?
    Also, I can’t seem to open any programs with a shortcut. I tried doing the notepad one, but for some reason, it won’t launch it. Any ideas?

  4. Lisa says:

    What is the difference between this and a shortcut where you can right click and choose open all and all the things in the shortcut will open up?

  5. Keith Knuth says:

    Canvas shortcuts will indeed open up the same applications that a startpad can open. The difference is:
    – custom icons
    – ability to organize icons into groups
    – ability to save and share startpads
    – ability to set security on the startpads

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