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Sending Infor Process Automation BODs to Infor ION

May 28, 2013

By Keith Knuth

Infor Process Automation has a robust set of tools to connect your application to Infor ION.  Infor ION is an integration hub that moves business data between systems via business object documents (BODs).  Based on the OAGi XML standard these BODs can be constructed by Infor Process Automation and sent to Infor ION using the ION Outbox node.  The Outbox is where all BODs are published and where ION retrieves the data from before passing it on to other systems that have subscribed to that particular business object.
When you combine the easy to use tools in Infor Process Automation, like the XML node and ION Outbox Node, with Infor ION, you gain a powerful integration platform that can be used across your enterprise.

Please take a moment to watch the short video by Infor Software Engineer Kristen Juchems on how sending BODs with Infor Process Automation works.



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