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Announcing Infor Smart Office 10.1: Features and Requirements

May 21, 2013

Infor Smart Office 10.1 became available May 15th.  This blog post is intended to point out the most important features and requirements to make sure 10.1 is right for you before you download and install. Please read this post in its entirety as some of the most important information for your organization may be near or at the end.

New Features:

1) Infor Smart Office has adopted the “SoHo” template designed by the Hook & Loop Design team inside Infor. This means that all user canvases will be white (with options for gray patterns that help with projection and bright monitors). Part of this style includes 5 accent colors for forms and widgets.


2) A new File Transfer Wizard is available in the Navigator under Lawson Applications -> Other. Note: for a Windows FTP server, the directory list output format must be set to Unix style.

3) An API Builder utility is available to aid scripting and is available either from the Help menu of the Script Tool or in the Navigator under Lawson Applications -> Other.

4) Most list boxes which present a list of data field names now default to database definition order (typically the most used fields are first) with an option to sort on field name.

5) New user setting (on Advanced tab) to highlight key and required fields with red border when empty.

6) A report navigation button has been added to the Report Viewer to easily move to the Parameters page.

7) Multiple List View visualizations.  Previously you could only create one Chart Visualization per List View screen.  Now multiple Chart and Related Info visualizations are possible.

New Requirements:

Infor Smart Office 10.1 does not require LSF 10. So Customers currently using the 10x line of Smart Office may upgrade if they are not negatively affected by other requirements. .NET4.5 will now be a requirement for installation on all client machines that run Infor Smart Office (ISO). The use of .NET4.5 will allow many new capabilities in our addition of compelling features going forward. It also means that machines running Windows XP will not run ISO (because they won’t run .NET4.5).

Because customers will lose XP support for clients in Infor Smart Office 10.1, we will continue to patch Infor Smart Office 10.0.5 with any bugs that are reported. This will continue until the end of Microsoft Extended support for XP in 2014.



2 responses to “Announcing Infor Smart Office 10.1: Features and Requirements”

  1. Nabil says:

    Is the Info Browser able to retreive data from ‘Related’ tables similar to what the current MOA Add-Ins tool does?
    Thank you,

  2. Keith Knuth says:

    Yes, the Info Browserw widget can retrieve data from related tables.

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