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Better System Integration with Infor Process Automation Cross Reference Codes

January 21, 2013

By Delmar Dehn
The Infor Process Automation product is often used to automate business processes that span numerous disparate applications and move transactions between those disparate applications. This means that transactional data moving between applications may need to be transformed in some way to match the data elements or data format expected by the target application. The Infor Process Automation product can perform data mapping and data transformation between applications.
I’m happy to welcome back Keith Knuth, Principal Software Architect, who is contributing another recorded video in the Infor Process Automation tutorial series. Currently, Keith uses Infor Process Automation to provide integration between Infor Lawson applications and ION as well as other software applications.

By Keith Knuth
Infor Process Automation 10.0.1 has a new feature called Cross Reference Codes. The feature was added to allow an administrator easy access to tables of conversion data that are used during system integration. Often when integrating one legacy business system to another the master data and/or the data schema in each system do not match exactly. This means that when sending transactions from one system the transaction data must be transformed to match what the other system is expecting. Cross Reference codes setup in the Infor Process Automation server can be accessed by a Process to convert data values at run-time.

The short video demo below provides an overview of how you can take advantage of this new feature:


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