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Tip for Workflow Approval Timeouts Landing on Weekends

January 14, 2013

By Delmar Dehn

The Infor Process Designer’s User Action activity node can be configured to take various workflow actions after defined time periods. For example, the User Action activity node can be configured to send human reviewers email reminders to take action or escalations to automatically take action or route work to other human reviewers after defined time periods. Commonly, the defined time period might be two or three days for the assigned person or role to take action. But what happens if the weekend intervenes? For example, if the work item originates on a Thursday, and the User Action activity node’s defined time period to take action is three days, the email reminders or escalations will automatically happen on Sunday even though the assigned person or role was not negligent in reviewing their work items. They were simply not working because it was the weekend.

What can be done to deal with this situation?

I’m happy to welcome Keith Knuth, Principal Software Architect, who is contributing another recorded video in the Infor Process Automation tutorial series. Currently, Keith uses Infor Process Automation to provide integration between Infor Lawson applications and ION as well as other software applications. Keith is a great resource for creative ways to use Infor Process Automation.

By Keith Knuth

The Infor Process Designer’s User Action activity node can be configured to automatically take various actions. However, organizations don’t want those automatic actions to occur on the weekend. There is a simple way to use the Infor Process Designer’s Assign and User Action activity nodes to automatically skip weekends on approval timeout periods. I use this method as I develop my business processes that require human review and approval. Watch the video below for a short tutorial on how to skip the weekends on workflow approval timeout periods.


2 responses to “Tip for Workflow Approval Timeouts Landing on Weekends”

  1. Doms Molina says:

    Is there an option in user action node wherein after a certain amount of hours we will reassign the approval to the next task in the approval matrix? Please do note that timeout is not an option since the scenario will be that the current approver didn’t take action after a certain amount of time.
    Thank you.

  2. Keith Knuth says:

    @Doms: I am not sure I understand why the timeout action is not an option. If no approvers take action after a certain amount of time then the timeout path will be followed. Just place another user action in the flow connected to the timeout branch.

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