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Lowering Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – Application Maintenance Toolset (AMT) and Copy Productline Procedure Enhancements

November 28, 2012

By Delmar Dehn

Infor is hard at work on development projects to lower the Infor Lawson applications and Infor Lawson technology’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). These development projects are focused on two primary areas;
1) Platform Migration Tooling, and
2) Lifecycle Maintenance.

I am pleased to announce that the first set of Application Maintenance Toolset (AMT) enhancements and Copy Productline procedure enhancement are both generally available as of November 15, 2012. The next article in a series of postings discussing these development projects as well as existing capabilities that you may not be aware of is now available. The objective of the series is to alert you to how you can take advantage of the new and existing capabilities and lower your Infor Lawson Total Cost of Ownership. The new capabilities will not require additional license fees or licensing and will operate with Infor Lawson System Foundation 9.0.1 and Infor Lawson System Foundation 10. Experts from across Infor will be contributing to this series. This article’s contributor is Jean McAllister,
System Development Manager. Jean’s development team builds Infor Lawson technology and Infor Lawson applications installation and maintenance tools.

By Jean McAllister, System Development Manager

The Infor Lawson Product Development Team is providing a set of enhancements to the Application Maintenance Toolset (AMT) and process for the Infor Lawson applications.  The enhancements include:

1. The first enhancement is called the Library Impact Analysis project and it entails the addition of a new report designating which programs are "truly" or functionally impacted by a Procedure Division library (pdlib) code change. Programs using a Procedure Division library need to be recompiled, but the new report will identify which recompiled programs were actually affected from a functional perspective. The intent of this new report is to provide you a refined list of programs needing to be tested based on functional changes, thus reducing the amount of time needed to deploy an update to your production Infor Lawson system. The overall Maintenance Service Pack (MSP) and Critical Transfer Pack (CTP) installation process has not changed; however, the additional output should help with the overall efficiency of assessing the impact of the update.

2. The second enhancement, the Modified Files Listing is a summary of the modified files that will be impacted by a CTP or MSP installation. The installation log report identifies modified files with an "M" or "m" designation in the output. We have added a consolidated list of all modified files impacted by the update at the end of the output for that update. This consolidated list should provide validation and a concise list of what modifications need to be assessed and/or merged prior to compilation and deployment into production, thus streamlining your overall maintenance process.

Both of these AMT feature enhancements are available for Infor Lawson System Foundation (LSF) and higher via a patch and will be included in future Infor Lawson System Foundation service pack deliveries. If you would like to take advantage of these features prior to installing the next Infor Lawson System Foundation service pack delivery, please go to the Infor Xtreme support site ( and search the Knowledge Base, S3 Product Line for JT-396016 to locate and download the appropriate patch for your system configuration. A detailed Release Notes document that can also be found by searching for 1352814 in the Incident/KB/Documentation/Defect ID search box and opening the attachment for this KB ID 1352814 article.

3. The third enhancement being announced is an update to the documented Copy Productline procedures. The Copy Productline procedure has been updated to include creating a new productline, overlaying an existing productline, clarification of appmetadiff differences, and scenarios for appmetadiff resolution. The documentation has also been updated to include the IBM i platform, so the procedure now supports the following scenarios:

  • UNIX to UNIX
  • UNIX to Windows
  • Window to Windows
  • IBM i to IBM i

The improved Copy Productline procedures are available via the Infor Lawson System Foundation and higher InfoCenter and the Infor Lawson System Foundation and higher InfoCenter, or you can obtain a copy of this InfoCenter topic by searching for 1353969 in the Incident/KB/Documentation/Defect ID search box and opening the attachment for this KB ID 1353969 article.

The Copy Productline  procedure eases the creation of a test productline and ensures that any modifications or patches are included. The Copy Productline procedure does not cover the copying of productline data.

IMPORTANT – If you are running Infor Lawson System Foundation on the IBM i platform, you are required to install two Infor Lawson System Foundation patches. These patches can be obtained from by searching for JT-391370 and JT-384720.


4 responses to “Lowering Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – Application Maintenance Toolset (AMT) and Copy Productline Procedure Enhancements”

  1. Cindy Souders says:

    I am trying to find more info on the newest AMT that describes how the changing primary authentication server works (from Landmark to S3). Can you point me to some documentation on this?

  2. Delmar Dehn says:

    The Application Maintenance Toolset (AMT) is not related to the Infor Lawson System Foundation as primary authenticator feature. The best source of information about this feature is found in the product documentation posted in the Lawson Security product download record on the Infor Product Download Center website. Specifically, the Lawson Security Readme document describes the Infor Lawson System Foundation as primary authenticator feature and documents where to find more detailed information.
    From the Infor Product Download Center home page, follow this navigation path to find the Lawson Security Readme document:
    Infor Product Download Center > Technology > Lawson System Foundation > Lawson Security > Lawson_Security_10.0.1.0_Readme.pdf

  3. James Dieck says:

    During a recent Lawson Users group meeting information regarding an option to perform a staged compiling of the applications before activating would be included in the latest version of the AMT. Is this currently available as a separate ATM download or still not generally available?
    The updated impacted applications reports included with the environment and later are beneficial.
    Thank you, James

  4. Delmar Dehn says:

    The Application Compiliation Staging capability is not yet generally available. It’s currently in beta testing with customers. The Application Compiliation Staging capability is planned for general availability in the near future. Please watch the Infor Lawson Technology Blog for an announcement when it’s generally available.

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