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Installing Infor ViewPoint in Infor Smart Office

November 12, 2012

By Pete Narloch

By following a few simple steps, Infor ViewPoint can be easily installed into the Infor Smart Office environment.  If you are a user of Infor Lawson BI then you have access to the ViewPoint product.  Note that this blog entry is intended to provide a visual look at installing ViewPoint and not intended to be a replacement for using our ViewPoint Installation Documentation. Our documentation always has the last word but the visual learners out there may benefit from this brief walkthrough of a ViewPoint Installation.

Look for future blog entries on the topics of loading a sample ViewPoint space and view, and setup setting up a ViewPoint standalone instance.

ViewPoint is:
•    A tool for designing highly interactive, visually rich dashboards and analytical applications
•    Views are deployable via a browser or in Infor Smart Office
•    The foundation for packaged industry analytics

Benefits of using ViewPoint
•    Users can personalize the dashboards through filters, conditional styling, and visualization choices
•    Self Service oriented
•    Comments, attachments, discussions provide qualitative and subjective context around business performance for better, faster decision making.


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