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Infor Lawson ION Connector and Infor ION Simplify Connections Among Infor Applications

October 8, 2012

By Keith Lohkamp

To help simplify the process of connecting other Infor™ applications with Infor Lawson to create the industry solutions you require, Infor has created a series of connectors, available through the Infor Lawson ION Connector, that leverage Infor Lawson Process Automation and Infor ION Suite to share data and transactions among applications. Infor ION provides a uniform event and workflow management solution, and a business intelligence-ready business data repository that you can use to make better business decisions—faster. Watch the video below to see a short overview of what ION is and how it works with Infor Lawson applications.

Demo By Keith Knuth


3 responses to “Infor Lawson ION Connector and Infor ION Simplify Connections Among Infor Applications”

  1. Shezan says:

    Hi ,
    From where can i download the Lawson IOn Connector ? ,

  2. Keith Knuth says:

    Talk to your Infor Account Executive about licensing requirements. Then you can get it from the Infor Download Center.

  3. Biju says:

    can someone guide on how we should size for ION application.

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