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Understanding Error Handling in Lawson Process Designer

September 26, 2012

By Delmar Dehn

The next recorded video in the Lawson Process Automation tutorial series will demonstrate one of Lawson Process Automation’s most powerful new features, Error Handling. For those of you familiar with the ProcessFlow Integrator product, you know that it required Branch nodes and conditions to handle potential errors that may occur when a particular process is executing. That meant additional nodes and steps in a process making it more complex and less efficient than it otherwise needed to be. Lawson Process Automation’s Error Handling feature builds error handling into each node of a process. Additional Branch nodes and conditions for handling potential errors are not required. This means that Lawson Process Automation processes are less complex and more efficient than ProcessFlow Integrator processes. Lawson Process Automation customers report that their Lawson Process Automation processes have 25% to 50% fewer nodes per process as compared to their ProcessFlow Integrator processes just because of using Lawson Process Automation’s Error Handling feature and eliminating unnecessary Branch nodes and conditions. Error Handling is a feature that customers should use on day one when implementing Lawson Process Automation.

I’m happy to welcome back Kristin Juchems, Application Software Engineer, who is again contributing another recorded video in the Lawson Process Automation tutorial series. Currently, Kristin uses Lawson Process Automation to provide integration between Lawson applications and ION as well as other software applications.

By Kristin Juchems

Error Handling is one of the Lawson Process Designer’s most powerful new features. Error Handling is the ability to set error handling conditions and procedures per node when developing a process. The feature allows you to build processes that are less complex and more efficient because each node is performing useful work in the process. Redundant nodes and conditions for handling potential errors in the process are not necessary. I use this feature as I develop my processes. Watch the video below for a short tutorial on how it works.


2 responses to “Understanding Error Handling in Lawson Process Designer”

  1. Christopher Childs says:

    PFI vs IPA Question:
    We will be upgrading to 10x next year. Will all of the PFI flows have to be re-written in order to work in IPA? How much effort will be required to convert from PFI to IPA?

  2. Keith Knuth says:

    No, they do not have to be rewritten. There is a conversion program. You will want to read the “Infor Lawson System Foundation Using Infor Process Automation Configuration Guide” for more information.

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