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Infor Lawson System Mobile Monitor (coming soon)

September 24, 2012

By Delmar Dehn

I am happy to introduce the first in a series of postings that will discuss some of the key new features planned for the upcoming Infor Lawson System Mobile Monitor product. It will be the first mobile application for Infor Lawson system administration. Experts from across Infor will be contributing to this series. The first contributor is Rajan Shanmugavelu, Senior System Development Manager. Rajan is leading the Infor Product Development team building the Infor Lawson System Mobile Monitor product.

Infor Lawson System Mobile Monitor – Overview

By Rajan Shanmugavelu

Monitoring and administration of ERP systems require constant attention of the IT professional. Whether it is proactive monitoring of the system(s) or responding to emergency calls, IT administrators need to have access to their laptop or desktop and connect via VPN (virtual private network) into the corporate network. Alternatively, they can be physically present in the office and connect to the on-premise network to monitor or resolve issues. This approach is tedious, time consuming and does not offer any flexibility to the already burdened IT staff.

However with recent advances in mobile technology, applications that were once built for computer desktops can now be made available on a mobile device. Hence users are no longer confined in a particular place to conduct his or her business and transactions can be done while travelling or outside the office.

We at Infor have taken advantage of this rapidly proliferating trend and are building a secure mobile application for monitoring and administering the Infor Lawson system. The application is targeted towards IT Administrators, based on open standards and with the objective to reduce the overall total cost of ownership (TCO) of the Infor Lawson system. Whether you are watching a ball game or travelling somewhere on business or vacation, you will now have the peace of mind to be able to frequently monitor the Infor Lawson system from a mobile device. This will help improve efficiency, increase flexibility and transform the way IT staffs do their business.

The planned application will be supported on Android and Apple iPhone mobile devices and fully secured using Lawson Security which is a requirement. Additionally, a set of mobile web services will be delivered for deployment on the Infor Lawson system. Here are some of the planned key capabilities of the application:

  • Detailed monitoring of the Infor Lawson services
  • Ability to stop/start the Infor Lawson system
  • System & network diagnostics
  • System resource utilization
  • Jobs and other queue related information

The Infor Lawson System Mobile Monitor screen shot below will give you some idea of what the product looks like.


Figure 1: Infor Lawson System Mobile Monitor – Home panel

Please watch for upcoming postings that will provide more details about the planned Infor Lawson System Mobile Monitor product’s features and benefits.

This document reflects the direction Infor may take with regard to the specific product(s) described in this document, all of which is subject to change by Infor in its sole discretion, with or without notice to you. This document is not a commitment to you in any way and you should not rely on this document or any of its content in making any decision. Infor is not committing to develop or deliver any specified enhancement, upgrade, product or functionality, even if such is described in this document.


2 responses to “Infor Lawson System Mobile Monitor (coming soon)”

  1. Jim says:

    I see this has been released. How do we get it to work? I can’t find anything on infor support

  2. Keith Knuth says:

    Install the latest Info Center documentation for Infor Lawson System Foundation. Go to Server Administration > Server Setup and Maintenance Guide > Monitoring and Performance Tuning > Using the Lawson System Mobile Monitor.
    Or there will be a full demo video posted this coming Monday on this blog! Stay tuned for that.
    The Mobile Gateway product that enables server side connectivity along with a user guide can be downloaded from the Infor Download Center. Search for “Mobile Applications” in the Download Center.

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