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Lawson Smart Office 10.0.4 Fixpack 1 is available

September 7, 2012

Fixpack 1 for Lawson Smart Office 10.0.4 was recently released. This fixpack is available via Customer Correction Self Service (CCSS) accessible via Life Cycle Manager and will not show up on the MyLawson patch download page.

Here are some brief descriptions of the issues addressed for Lawson users in this Fixpack:

  • Issue with wrong Target or URL value for Canvas icon has been resolved.
  • The windows size shall not be changed by pressing the Detach Window Button (when zoom level is not set to default).
  • A problem with launching using Newsfeed links with 'net://auth?' as prefix is resolved.
  • A user is not added to settings if the Display name is not retrieved correctly or is empty.
  • Problems with Choose Columns in Mashup Detail Panel has been resolved
  • A problem with using DataPanel Control in Mashup is resolved.
  • Perform Transaction from S3 script didn't work in
  • Arabic. Fix is done to problems with invalid hyperlink references when "Send window Images to Outlook" was done in Drill Around
  • Fixes done to how User's Settings and DataArea is saved and applied
  • Tab Order in Scripting AP20 was not working correctly in LSO10.0.4.0.
  • In PO30 Special Actions are now displayed in alphabetical order
  • Tab Elements were not always rendered, now fixed.
  • The problem with installing S3 Excel Add Ins LSO 10.0.4 is resolved.
  • Arabic. Sort issues have been resolved in Print Manager.
  • Problems with hidden labels and group boxes has been resolved.
  • Manually inputting of the FC value = eg A, C, D, X now displays the code as expected and not the corresponding function = eg Add, Change, Delete, Select. Issue was resolved in MX10.1, MX10.2, GL21.2, GL00.1Arabic. Minimizing animation does now go to the right forms
  • Exception in DatePickerAdapter on Dispose.
  • GLFL unavailable after hitting 'Back' button from one of the linked forms.
  • Arabic. Improved way of handling Arabic words in viewing Search links via Link
  • Added tooltip to output fields of a form when text length is greater than field size.


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