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Breakpoints in Lawson Process Designer

August 27, 2012

By Delmar Dehn

I am happy to introduce the first in a series of tutorials that will demonstrate some of the key new features in Lawson Process Automation. Experts from across Infor will be contributing to this series. The first contributor is Kristin Juchems, Application Software Engineer. Currently, Kristin uses Lawson Process Automation to provide integration between Lawson applications and ION as well as other software applications.

By Kristin Juchems

One of the latest features in Lawson Process Designer is the ability to set breakpoints when developing a business process. The feature allows you to step through your process to analyze the flow at your own pace as it executes. I use this feature frequently to troubleshoot issues as I develop my processes.
Watch the video below for a short tutorial on how it works.



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