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Smart Notification Dashboards on the iPad

July 2, 2012

by Matthew Allbee

Many of our customers would like to deploy Lawson BI Dashboards to the iPad.  Some have given up after finding that Framework Services dashboards do not work in Mobile Safari. However, a creative customer recently sent in an example of a Smart Notification Dashboard running on an iPad and is an excellent example of out of the box thinking around creating solutions to real  business issues using LBI.  Thank you Rob Yancey at Acts Retirement for sending this in!

Keep in mind that this is a custom solution and Smart Notifications are not officially supported in Mobile Safari yet, but it is a valuable example none the less.

Attached below you will find a short video that will help get you started building a Dashboard solution for your iPad users. Keep in mind that certain HTML or JavaScript that you add to your template may not be compatible in all situations or in all mobile browsers. So as always test thoroughly before deploying customizations to your users.



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