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Lawson Smart Office 10.0.4 is now generally available

June 18, 2012

Version 10.0.4 of Lawson Smart Office is now generally available.  This release brings a few new features to S3 customers as well as many bug fixes.

Here is a list of some of the changes S3 customers may be interested in:

1. Empty date fields may now be filtered in the Info Browser Widget using two double quotes. eg. ""
2. In Mashups the ReportPanel will now handle the FormDataUpdated event. This allows one to specify that a secondary print file be viewed instead of just the primary.
3. Menu accelerators added to the Actions and Tools menus to reduce keystrokes or eliminate the need to use the mouse for menu actions.
4. Output field context menu now contains a Copy selection.
5. For the user setting ‘Display data modified warning,‘ the form will not be considered modified if a ‘position to’ field was changed or if an FC field is set to ‘X’ (selected).
6. Added the ability to specify an initial Default Action in the Form Properties personalization dialog.
7. Added new hotkey – Move to First Detail Line (Ctrl+Shift+L).
8. Many new scripting convenience methods for creating and adding controls to the form are provided by a new ControlsUtil class.


3 responses to “Lawson Smart Office 10.0.4 is now generally available”

  1. Rod says:

    I installed LSO 10.0.4 last week on Thursday and noticed that there is no PF configuration on the profile editor. There is no place to configure for Process Flow or LPA so I am not able to get my inbasket in LSO anymore. It was there in 10.0.3 and worked fine, but I think it was forgotten in 10.0.4. Has this been resolved yet?

  2. Keith Knuth says:

    Thanks for the question Rod,
    I do not see this problem on 10.0.4 environments. Please log a call with our Support center and we can figure out what might be special about your environment.

  3. Hope Bludworth says:

    Hi, is there an updated LSO user guide and admin guide for V10? I can only find this doucmentation for V9.1.
    Thank you!

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