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Infor10 Lawson Process Automation and Infor10 Lawson Process Integration are generally available for Infor’s Lawson S3 9.0.0/9.0.1 applications

June 18, 2012

By Delmar Dehn

Infor10 Lawson Process Automation (LPA) and Infor10 Lawson Process Integration (LPI) are generally available as of May 15, 2012, for Infor’s Lawson S3 9.0.0/9.0.1 applications. LPA delivers an enterprise-class business process management (BPM) application for use with Lawson and non-Lawson solutions. LPI includes the same functionality as Lawson Process Automation, plus it delivers the IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender (WTX) third-party product for robust any-to-any data mapping and data transformation.

LPA/LPI is designed to model, orchestrate and execute processes between systems and users by providing the tools to build and execute workflow, notifications, and interfaces. With LPA/LPI, tasks can be automated, business events can be monitored, and process compliance can be assured.

LPA/LPI replaces and improves on ProcessFlow Integrator by delivering a superior user experience, improved performance and scalability, and support for internationalization and localization, particularly multi-character set languages such as Chinese and Arabic.

Lawson Process Automation or Lawson Process Integration is available as an upgrade to existing ProcessFlow Integrator customers.

LPA/LPI provides Lawson S3 9.0.0/9.0.1 applications customers with a BPM solution that is designed for Lawson applications, delivered with a rich set of adapters, connectors, and prebuilt Event Triggers to monitor business events, and is ready to use through Inbasket in Lawson Smart Office, Lawson Portal, and Infor10.1 Workspace.

Additionally, reviewers can take action on work items directly from their email inboxes. LPA/LPI reduces business operating costs through faster adoption of best practice, monitoring and improvement of processes, elimination of manual tasks, connection of systems and functions, and elimination of modifications.

It can increase business efficiency and agility through faster design and implementation of business processes, automation of process flows, reductions in training requirements, increased flexibility in the interfacing of systems, and reduced dependency on specialized skills. LPA/LPI can also improve quality and regulatory compliance by ensuring consistency of processes, monitoring individual work units and overall processes, analyzing and reporting on process metrics, and by managing escalation and rerouting. 

Product Highlights – Lawson Process Automation and Lawson Process Integration

  • Lawson Process Designer
    Allows designers to visually create, edit and test processes. Includes libraries of activity nodes for Lawson applications and other integration connectors for functions like email notification, multi-level approvals, web services, Infor10 ION, Lawson Event Hub, etc. Rules allow parallel routing, escalation reminders and rerouting.
  • Lawson Process Server
    Publishes the defined processes, manages triggers including those generated by the Lawson Event Hub, creates and progresses work units through the processes. Also provides administrators with the ability to monitor and analyze process performance.
  • Inbasket
    Users interact with work units through the Inbasket, which is accessed through Lawson Smart Office, Lawson Portal, or Infor10.1 Workspace.


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