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Installing the Lawson Smart Office Technical Documentation

May 28, 2012

Have you been looking for the LSO technical documentation on the download site? Are you wondering why it isn’t there and where it is?  It is now in what is called, the Infocenter.  The Infocenter is your one-stop shop for technical documentation.  The Infocenter can be installed on the LCM server and accessed via url inside or outside of LSO.  The Infocenter for LSO houses the Install guides for LSO and the Grid, the Admin guides and the developer guides for S3 and the Mashup Designer. If you aren’t sure if the Infocenter has been installed, check the exit documentation that your installer produced or try a quick url check.  in a browser enter: http://yourLSOserver.domain:4062/documentation If the above doesn’t work for you, watch the video attached to this post and you will see how the Infocenter can easily be installed.


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