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Getting Started Creating a Set of Personalizations

May 21, 2012

The ability to personalize S3 forms in the Lawson Smart Office is well known but there are a few tips that may help you create better personalizations that can be easily shared with other users.

First it is important to understand that a set of personalizations is called a “view”.  A single form can have many views. Maybe you would like to have 2 versions of AP20, the form where Vendors are added and maintained.  One version of AP20 might be for adding a international vendors and another version for domestic vendors.

Maybe one version is for adding employees as vendors for paying expenses and another for adding supply vendors. All of the views created by a single user for any particular form are kept in a single .xml (e.g. AP20.1.xml) file which is stored on the LSF server.  These files can be deployed to other individual users, roles or set globally using the Personalization Manager.  You must have LSO admin privilages in order to use the Personalization Manager.  Non-admin users may be allowed to export thier personalizations for a form (all views) and share them with other users who are allowed to import views (export and import permissions are set in a role via the Role Manager).

In order to help you get started creating better personalizations, I recorded the video below.


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