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LSO Changes the way everyday users consume LBI content

April 16, 2012

In the past, we positioned LBI dashboards as the UI Component that pulled together processes and the content that was driven by the process. Although dashboards still have their place in our solutions, the positioning has changed.  Role-Based dashboards for trained end users of Lawson were comprised of links to forms (steps in a process) as well as links to reports and notifications that were related to the processes.  This was a key differentiator and not something our competition presented.  This approach to dashboards was also the basis of our messaging around Operational Business Intelligence.

With LSO, trained end users of Lawson business applications can navigate the steps in a process in a myriad of ways: Favorites in the Navigator Widget, Process Menu Widgets, and custom related links in the forms.  Because LBI is no longer needed for organizing of processes, users can focus on the information in the forms and navigate in context to LBI content.  Imagine being in the Accounting Unit form (GL20)  and clicking on a link to view such things as an expense statement for the currently displayed Accounting Unit or a turnover report or a list of capital projects, or …. All filtered by whatever data value is on the screen.

Organizing dashboard links to LBI content by role is still important for users that will use the Portal or for users that are not Lawson Application users. This wider audience group includes department managers and executives.

LSO is now the platform that drives operational efficiency, and how users navigate to and consume LBI content has understandably changed.


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