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Introducing ION Enterprise Search

March 19, 2012

ION Enterprise Search (IES – formerly Lawson Enterprise Search) is an industrial-strength search solution that was designed to boost end-user productivity by connecting end-users to the data they need, when they need it – without having to know where data is stored, how to query the system or how to navigate countless menus and forms. By allowing end-users to easily “Google” their ERP data, IES can dramatically shorten end-user time to actionable data.

IES brings you value

ERP end-users and system administrators have been voicing many of the same complaints for years…
I have a piece of data I need to find, but don’t know where to look for it in the system.
Often times I have to perform multiple queries from multiple tables to find the data I want.
Some of my data, like comments and attachments, is currently un-searchable.
It’s not possible to find the right data from millions of records in the programs I use.
Navigating to the correct information in ERP systems can take a long time.
I don’t know how to construct a query for the data I need to find.
Our company doesn’t let us submit queries directly to the DB.
Search methods can take a really long time to execute.

IES solves these problems and more…

• Users do not have to be experts to query the database
• Users do not have to know where to find the data they need
• Users can search multiple data sources at once
• Users can submit very poorly constructed, inefficient queries and still get fast results with no DB impact
• The app server’s DB is protected from excessive search traffic
• Users can find data that was previously unsearchable
• Users do not have to memorize menus, forms or apps in order to access data

Why not use a generic, commercially available ERP Search Solution?

While it’s true there are many search solutions on the market today that can quickly and efficiently locate data within an ERP system, they have short-comings in a number of areas due to their extremely loose coupling with the system.

In particular, there are three aspects of IES that differentiate it from other search solutions:

1. IES supplies meaningful descriptive context in its search results. Unlike generic search solutions that may return results with cryptic field and table names and little or no contextual data, IES provides a “user-friendly” description for each search result that was found.

2. IES applies security to search results, so end-users do not see data they are not supposed to see. Prior to returning results to the requestor, IES applies the same security logic that is applied by the backend system’s security implementation. Out-of-the-box search solutions are unable to apply security in this way.

3. IES provides end-users with actionable data. Not only does IES quickly show users what data exists in the system, but also makes it easy for end-users to navigate to data within the system. By providing actionable links, users can quickly be taken to the application or form related to the data they have found without having to navigate the system.


Check back in the coming weeks for additional postings that will include product demos, written posts and additional information on how ION Enterprise Search can benefit your organization.


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