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Work the way you think with LSO

March 12, 2012

One of the key marketing messages for the Lawson Smart Office is “Work the way you think”.  This is a message that is truely enabled with LSO.

In the consumer software market, users have come to expect the ability to execute any task in a variety of ways, whether it is from a menu, an icon on a toolbar or via a hotkey.  LSO takes this a step further and allows users to create their own processes by adding links to the Navigator, grouping canvas shortcuts or adding links to the Toolbox area of forms.  Add to this the ability to create conditional formatting, adding new tabs into an application form or sending a table of data via email with just 2 clicks.  These are the types of features that users can employ to make LSO work the way they think.

Watch the embedded video to view an example of how I made LSO work the way I think and maybe it will give you ideas about what you can do.

Use the “Full Screen” option in the lower right for better detail.


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