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Adding a Process Trigger to a Lawson Smart Office S3 Form

February 20, 2012

Below is a short demonstration of how to personalize a S3 Lawson Smart Office form with a Process Automation Trigger.  If you are a user of our Portal web user interface then you know that previously if you wanted to add a trigger to a form you would either have to do this by modifying the underlying business logic with our CASE tool, or add Javascript to the web form with our Design Studio tool.

Now with Smart Office you can add the trigger with no code at all.  Let’s look at how this works.


2 responses to “Adding a Process Trigger to a Lawson Smart Office S3 Form”

  1. This looks terrific! Thank you for the demo. Can you pass a value from the form for category filtering or do you have to hard code that in? Does this just work with LPA or can I use it with older versions of ProcessFlow?

  2. kaknuth says:

    Thanks for the question!
    The Category value cannot be a variable.
    Yes, Lawson Smart Office does work with ProcessFlow, but it is always a good idea to stay current on the latest version, so plan for ProcessFlow 9.1.3 or newer.

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