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Overview of the Lawson Process Designer

February 12, 2012

Lawson Process Designer: Visual Process Modeling (Choreography)

Lawson Process Automation (LPA) provides an intuitive and graphically rich user interface. The Lawson Process Designer builds business processes. With it, your non-programming professionals can build interfaces and business processes in a highly visual drag-and-drop fashion by creating an explicit process model.

You’ll find it’s faster and cheaper to use Lawson Process Automation to interface non-Lawson applications with Lawson applications, rather than creating custom coding. Interface process owners, the people who most intimately understand the needs of your organization or department, can create and modify interfaces and business processes built with Lawson Process Automation, without IT staff intervention or special programming skills and toolsets. Unlike custom programming, the interface process logic exists in Lawson Process Automation, not in your programmer’s head. So if the programmer leaves, the interface process logic can be easily maintained or modified by others.

We thought you might like to get an overview of the Lawson Process Designer tool that can automate business processes across your enterprise. Watch for follow-up videos in the future detailing specific features within the Lawson Process Designer.


4 responses to “Overview of the Lawson Process Designer”

  1. chtu0166 says:

    Where can I find more indepth information about LPA? I’m particularly interested in how LPA differs from Processflow in storing workunit data, metrics, variables, history, ect. And is BPM still the repository for users tasks and category values.
    Is this information documented anywhere? Are there any manuals?

  2. ddehn says:

    Lawson Learning is building Lawson Process Automation training courses that will soon be available to customers. Those courses will include a ProcessFlow Integrator and Lawson Process Automation differences course.
    The Lawson Process Automation product manuals will be available to Lawson S3 customers when Lawson Process Automation becomes generally available to existing Lawson S3 9 release customers
    Until then, the Lawson S3 Tech blog is the best public source for Lawson Process Automation information.

  3. ism69 says:

    our IT department is not allowing power/business user to design IPAs…

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