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Introducing Lawson Process Automation

January 29, 2012

Lawson Process Automation is a new Lawson product. We’ll be posting information about it here in the coming weeks to give you ideas about how Lawson Process Automation can benefit your organization. Lawson Process Automation postings will include short product demonstration videos, tips and techniques, written posts, and any other information that we think is helpful. So to get started and create a foundation of knowledge on which to build, we’ll start by answering some questions.

What is Lawson Process Automation?

Lawson Process Automation (LPA) is an enterprise-class business process management (BPM) application that automates, controls and measures business processes that span: 1) systems to systems, 2) people to systems, and 3) people to people. Lawson Process Automation was designed to provide multi-step, multi-level human review and approval workflow and application integration across the Lawson S3, Lawson M3, Lawson Landmark, Cloverleaf, and Infor10 ION Connect applications. Lawson Process Automation is the successor to Lawson ProcessFlow Integrator and has numerous enhancements organized around three primary themes: 1) improved user experience, 2) better performance and scalability, and 3) support for internationalization and localization.

Lawson Process Automation simplifies the modeling, orchestration, optimization, execution and management of business processes by providing a complete process and application integration framework.

How can Lawson Process Automation provide value to my organization?

By integrating and automating processes with Lawson Process Automation, Lawson customers can gain timely access to accurate data, accelerate time to market for products and services, and improve their ability to respond and adapt to changing market conditions. However, what makes Lawson different than our competitors is that Lawson Process Automation provides actionable work in the context of Lawson Smart Office. Workers no longer have to go to multiple applications in order to perform their job!

Is Lawson Process Automation a Lawson developed product?

Yes. Lawson Process Automation is a Lawson developed solution written in Java and has been designed to act as a complete business process automation and application integration framework for small to mid size organizations. For our larger customers, Lawson Process Automation can play the role of value added component in an existing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) strategy.

How can Lawson Process Automation benefit my organization?

1. Lawson Process Automation  reduces business operating costs.
2. Lawson Process  Automation increases business efficiency and agility.
3. Lawson Process Automation improves quality and regulatory compliance.

As we add more Lawson Process Automation information to this blog, we’ll show you how Lawson Process Automation can provide these three benefits to your organization.

So please stop by often to learn more!


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